xEAZYYYYx (dudley) vs HoriMacoroni ( guile)

Just registered for a local SSF4 tournament.

So I just came across an organization called nebraska esports, and they are hosting a SSF4, Marvel, Halo, and MW3 tournament at a local bar and acrcade here in Lincoln, NE!

I’m so excited to see how I fair against Lincoln, NE. Wish me luck. It’s March 24th. So I’m gonna have to do some training.


lift-off-from-reality-deactivat asked: hey dude, are you down to run some sets sometime? wouldn't mind leveling up with someone I randomly found on tumblr who shares the same interest :).

Oh yeah. I’m always down for playing people from here. If you play on xbox, then lets do it. xEAZYYYYx is my gt.


Anonymous asked: How do you think Daigo is gonna do this year? Have you ever entered EVO or any other SF tourny's? :)

IDK how I didn’t see this ask before. I’m guessing this was before EVO 2k11. Let’s say that I thought Daigo was going to do better than he did. No I’ve never entered EVO. I wouldn’t make it out of pools. I’d probably go 0-2. I entered a sf tourny like 4 months after I started playing sf and obviously went 0-2, but I didn’t go with expectations to do well, I went to see what a tournament was all about. If there were more around here I’d enter, but there isn’t. :[

PC AE players.

If any of you play AE on the PC you should add my buddy Mark. He needs help leveling up his game and doesn’t have much of anyone to play.

SynapsseQQ is his gamertag.

do ittt.



So I started played this a bit ago..not sure if a lot of people are playing or what but I’d love to have some more people to level up with. I’m really bad but it’d be cool to play some people. oh also I live in the midwest

My all time favorite player.

Dudley Impressions 2.0

So I’ve been a Dudley main in SSF4:AE v2012 for about 2 weeks now? and I am extremely frustrated. To say the least. I constantly find my self wondering, “What the fuck am I supposed to do here?” I have found that Guile is a TERRIBLE fucking match for me at the moment. His recovery on sonic boom is just fucking stupid. Dudley is a character that does not belong in SSF4. Everyone plays defensive. Free get-out-of-jail cards when it comes to mix up. This is easily the hardest game to play if you want to play an aggressive offensive play style with mix-ups. Which is the definition of Dudley, and the definition of my play style.

    I started playing ranked with Dudley to get some of those points that people talk about. I went from 2300pp to 1400pp. I was frustrated to say the least. Every game was laggy. Every single one. Then me and my roommate found out that spotify is a banwith HOG. DON’T STREAM ANYTHING WHEN TRYING TO PLAY RANKED MATCHES. haha.

    As for issues I’m having with Dudley:

    • Don’t jump. for fucks sake.
    • Get guaranteed damage.
    • AA

    basically all the same shit as before. Just need more practice. I’m coming up on 3000bp with Dudley. :o

      Dudley Impressions.

      There is one thing that is really sticking out to me in my Dudley game. Patience. Out of all the characters I’ve ever played, Dudley is really teaching me patience, and I really need that. Dudley being a character with literally zero options from full screen, or hell even three-quarter screen, I find myself stumped as to what I should do. I always resort to jumping, which of course is a huge no-no. I’m trying to implement ducks to get in, and I’m getting used to which duck to use when, and whether to empty duck, straight, or upper.

      Learning the timing on Dudley’s 50/50 mix up is also very frustrating. Getting thrown when I’m going for mix up is VERY frustrating. Eating SRKs sucks, but that’s my own fault.

      So far these are the aspects of my Dudley game I need to improve.

      • Don’t jump. Get in using duck rather than jumping. weather it’s just empty ducks, or canceling a cr. strong into duck. Just get in.
      • Work on low short - low jab - st. roundhouse. I’ve been using low jab - low jab for too long, and In order to get 50/50 mix up I must master the link from low short - low jab.
      • Stop being fancy, get the guaranteed damage. I need to start getting the guaranteed damage at the end of EX MGB, rather than try to get fancy with duck straight - upper cut/light mgb.
      • Anti-Air. still having troubles anti-airing. always have. st forward is a very good AA and I need to utilize it more.

      Got my first compliment on my Dudley yesterday. :3 “ggs man, nice Dudley. If the connection was better you wouldn’t drop ultra.”

      I want some challenges from people to help me with those topics. If you have some challenges for me to complete in a match that will help me with those topics leave them in the reply/in my ask. example of a challenge would be "Win three matches without jumping."

      Do you have any Dudley challenges for me?

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